Exclusive: What Ankita Lokhande does for Sargi on her first Karwa Chauth

Ankita Lokhande is celebrating her first Karwachauth after marrying Vicky Jain . She cooked her first Karwa Chauth with her favourite Oats Kheer sargi recipe .

Ankita Lokhande, a newly engaged actress, is celebrating her first Karwachauth after marrying Vicky Jain.She told us about how she wants to commemorate the day and what she will do for her Sargi.Get to know more about it.You are commemorating your first Karwa Chauth.

For families, Karwa Chauth marks a pivotal moment.Couples celebrate their marital union while simultaneously invoking their love and affection for one another in a sacred and memorable moment.Vicky and I are celebrating our first Karwa Chauth this year, and we couldn't be happier.We planned everything according to the family's rules, from choosing my outfit to spending time together as a family.

I added a healthy and nutritious cup of oats to my flavourful Oats Kheer sargi, which gives me the motivation to keep going.We're all ecstatic to celebrate this historic day together and elicit this Karwa Chauth to bring you all love, joy, and joy.What did you consume for your Sargi?Take a look at the recipe.

I've made one of my all-time favorites, Kheer, for sargi, but with a healthier twist.I make it by boiling Quaker oats in milk and making it with minimum sugar.This Sargi dish is healthy, tasty, and most importantly, it gives me the confidence to continue.Also Read: Karwa Chauth 2022: You must eat healthy foods a day before fasting.

Roasted Oats 15 g. 2 ounce Skimmed Milk 300 mg 3.Sugar (optional) 1 tsp 4.Green Cardamom 1 5.Dry Fruits (optional) As per preference Method 1.

para Heat Oats to a simmering boil, stirring constantly.para Add sugar (optional) and green cardamom powder to the kheer once it thickens to an even consistency.para Add to the cooking pan for a few more minutes, stirring constantly.para Remove from fire and place dry fruits (optional) on top and serve hot.

What is your daily diet?I'd imagine it would be interesting, but I don't follow a rigorous cardio diet.I do it in sequences, perhaps before a major event, like I did before my wedding.It's been almost a year since I last worked out.

I follow a vegetarian diet and like to eat fruits, dal, roti, and home-cooked sabzi.Despite the fact that I do not follow a strict diet, I do try to maintain a sufficient supply of vitamins and nutrients.What is your favorite cooking dish?Does hubby Vicky Jain make something unique for you?

Ive tried my hand at it, but I don't think it goes well with me (laughs).The situation with Vicky is the same.I cant even imagine him in the kitchen.But we are so thankful to our cook, who creates such delectable food for us.

What is your go-to comfort dish?roti and sabzi are two of my favorite comfort foods.It's my absolute go-to dish.I always go for Indian cuisine wherever I am, and even abroad, because it is my survival food.

It's my mom's specialties, which I absolutely adore.I can have it for the rest of my life.Picture Credit: Instagramlokhandeankita Embed Images Courtesy: istock Download our free Daily and Weekly Newsletters for scrumptious recipes, videos, and breaking food news.