Experts and students agree that internships are equally crucial for those in school.

Students and teachers agree internships should be introduced at the school level . Students from classes 8 to 12 said internships will give them the opportunity to explore the real world .

Students and teachers agree internships should be introduced at the school level, not just in colleges and universities, to help them prosper in an increasingly competitive world, said Gayatri V, the principal of Podar International School in Bengaluru.NEP 2020 emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem solving among students, citing a growing need for a skilled workforce with multidisciplinary skills, changing job landscapes, and global ecosystems.It also expects schools to bridge the gap between the actual state of learning outcomes and what is actually required, according to the organization.Students' efforts will be channeled into the creation of a multidisciplinary workforce, according to Nitina Dua, the head of the Career Guidance Center at Noidas Shiv Nadar School.

Along with that, internships also help students gain knowledge and skills, as well as improving their confidence and giving them a reality check.In order to ensure that students are protected and that their efforts are maximized, schools such as Shiv Nadar have established career counseling centers and encouraged parents to provide suggestions about internships.Schools are also hosting career fairs on campus, such as a beautician, handyman, cook, and others.In the month of January 2022, the concept of an internship was introduced, and a career fair was held at the school premise, where people from the community, such as a beautytician, dancer, businessman, chef, athlete, photographer, IAS officer, commander, were invited to share their insights, aspirations, and failures if any.

We have two types of internships: a point of certainty and a point of confusion.We can help a student decide whether he wants to become a veterinarian and prepare them for an internship in that discipline.However, if a student is uncertain whether or not they want to become a counselor or a veterinarian, we try to provide opportunities related to animal behavior or something similar that helps them to comprehend the veterinary side as well as the psychological aspect of it, which will ultimately aid them in making decisions, said Dua of Shiv Nadar School.Students from classes 8 to 12 said internships will give them the opportunity to explore the real world rather than being trapped behind ourtheory books.

It was this internship that taught me how to act in a professional manner, talk to people, stand up in crowds with confidence, and learn that there are more challenges than passing exams, she said.Anamitra Jaiswal, a Class 12 student at Shiv Nadar School, thanked her career guidance center for her contributions, saying that it helped her develop as an individual and the opportunities helped her realize what she wants to accomplish.I've seen a variety of internships, but I like to think of two that stand out the most are: Linkube and Analog.The former provided me with skills in marketing, planning, and organising, calling people to promote our programs, recruiting volunteers, and connecting with people.

Students have also begun searching for internships outside of their schools to ensure that they do not waste their time and use it to gain some knowledge.My academy is run in a very old-fashioned way.It also wants us to merely focus on our holiday homework, projects, etc., which I personally believe would be useless.I have had to invest a little more to qualify for an internship, but it gave me something to add to my resume.