Exquisitely Designed AI Google TV from Toshiba to Launch with India Insight Features

Toshiba launches 4K AI C350 Google TV series exclusively on Amazon . Full Array M550 QLED TV series also launched on Flipkart this week .

On Prime Day, Toshiba will debut the 4K AI C350 Google TV series exclusively on Amazon.Also launched the Full Array M550 QLED TV series with India insight features exclusively on Flipkart this week.New Delhi, 23 July 2022: Toshiba is set to debut the 4K UHD Google TV series-M550 and C350 series in India.The M550 flagship model, which includes Google TV, Quantum dot, Full Array Local Dimming, 2.1 Bazooka Woofer, Far Field Voice Control, Regza Engine 4K Pro AI Picture optimizer, Dolby Vision HDR, and Game Mode, will be available in 55 and 65 sizes for an initial cost of Rs.

Starting on Flipkart on July 22, 990 and 50 C350 will be available for Rs.34,990.Starting from Rs.29,990, the elegantly designed C350 4K Google TV set will be available in 43 & 55 sizes, with a two-year warranty.With advanced features such as Google TV, Regza Engine, Dolby Vision Atmos,Game Mode, and bezel-less architecture, both the M550 and C350 flagship series TVs will be a ticket to making India's TV viewing experience more enjoyable.Essential Beauty is a theory that applies to the horizontal and vertical lines in the living space.

With an elegant style and pure anodized metal stands (available in M550), this gives a striking look while keeping a durable, robust construction.The TV has a slim profile that blends in with the horizon, giving it an asthetically pleasing look.The TV has a minimalist look with less bezel and more picture, giving it a truly modern feel that pushes the boundaries to new heights.The reduced bezel slides seamlessly into the display, giving an enhanced, immersive viewing experience.

The power of machine learning and the picture maestro of Japan lab, the overall picture processing engine.With the addition of Japanese quality and craftsman ships to provide customers with an unparalleled TV viewing experience, Toshiba has redefined its approach with the launch of the C350 and M550 (Fully Array Quantum Dot), which includes a set of AI algorithms in real-time to optimize each scene, according to Mr. Rishi Tandon, COO, Toshiba Television.The C350 series will be available in 43 & 55 sizes with Amazon range starting at Rs.29,990, with a limited time offer and 2 years of additional protection on offer from the 23rd July to the end of this year.Starting from the 22nd July, the M550 series will be available in 55 & 65 colors with Flipkart range starting from Rs.54,990- and 50C350 starting from Rs.34,990.

With real color definition in every dimension of color, the result is a more vivid, dramatic, and impressive picture quality that is joined by Realistic Peaks of Magnificence, Accuracy, and Stunning Shadow Details.For a dramatic audio experience, the built-in 2.1 channel with Bazooka Woofer delivers a Pure Exciting Sound with a Power Bass Woofer.The M550 series comes with a 20 watts Powerful Built-in Woofer on the back side, as well as 10 watts left and right channel speakers, providing a room filling 40W high signal, Google TV OS curates content based on your viewing habits, one watchlist and add content to the watchlist on the fly via mobile, and Apple Home Kit and Apple Air Play support.This TV is also equipped with Game Mode with Auto Low Latency (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), enabling you to enjoy your gaming experience like never before.