Fake mails, footage of kid lifters, and thefts in Aurangabad cause fear

Fake messages and videos of child abductors and thieves are circulating on social media . In the last ten days, two men died after being brutally assaulted by people who believed them to be robbers .

AURANGABADNASHIK: Parents in cities and rural areas have been in a panic mode as a result of a series of fake messages and videos of child abductors and thieves being posted on social media.These messages and videos have so widespread that, in the last ten days, two men died after being brutally assaulted by people who believed them to be robbers.In Sangli, five sadhus found a small escape.Even as the police are trying to figure out the source of these deceptive messages, they have urged people to remain alert and inform the authorities if they find anything suspicious.

The school was rushed by parents, neighbors, and the police.The school had to drop a new class to assure the parents and the residents that nothing has happened.Parents, on the other hand, are on the verge of being defeated.Bhavana Jadhav of Nashik, whose son is in Std IX and traveling to his coaching class in a shared rickshaw on his own, has hired a well-known auto driver to pick him from their house and drop him back with a friend.

The driver pays Rs 60 for the journey.We used to pay just Rs 20 a day earlier.Though it would impact our monthly budget, it is all right now, she said.Maneesh Kalwaniya, the rural SP of Aurangabad, said, We have decided to register crimes against those that spread such rumors.

On WhatsApp, a separate bogus note said six children had been kidnapped from Konark Nagar in Panchavati district, according to a separate fake message.The local police department had to release a statement stating that the message was false.Later, there was one more note about a child being kidnapped from the Panchavati area.The child in question had been sleeping the night near a temple and was discovered the next day.

Jayant Naiknavare, a Nashik police commissioner, said the messages on social media are fake but have fueled a lot of anxiety among the community.According to such rumors, people should not believe them.The city police are there to ensure the safety of the population.If you have any questions, please contact the police by dialing 112.

According to a senior officer with state cyber police, the only alternative we have is to appeal to residents, spread the word on social media, and prosecute the violators.Aurangabad police commissioner Nikhil Gupta said that those who send such messages to stir up panic will be prosecuted under the Information and Technology Act.We've asked the cybercriminal investigators to keep an eye on social media.He said, We encourage people to refrain from falling prey to rumors and instead report such incidents to us.