Families of Delhi fire victims are angry and confused as they try to locate their loved ones.

Fire at four-story commercial building in Delhis Mundka killed 27 people and wounded 12 . Majority of those killed in the fiery tragedy were women workers .

New Delhi: Families of workers who died in a Delhi factory fire now face a lengthy wait for the dead bodies.In the search of their loved ones, the relatives of 29 people who are currently missing are making their way from the burned factory building to the hospital.The majority of those killed in the fiery tragedy were women workers, according to police.The fire at a four-story commercial building in Delhis Mundka on Friday evening killed 27 people and wounded 12.

Officials said 11 of the 12 people injured have been identified.Officials also reported they had visited the crash site and the hospital where the injured were admitted.Sunita, an ecstatic mother who lost her daughter in the fire, said she lost her husband at the same hospital a year earlier and that now the daughter is no longer present.Sonam was the eldest child, while the other three children are younger.She used to do packing work at the factory, she said.

The bodies of those who died have been waiting hours.At 4 p.m., their daughters told them they were trapped in the factory fire; one of them was 23 years old and the other was 20 years old.While Rakesh, one of the brothers, said they were saving money for their wedding.Identification has also emerged as an issue.

The hospital's Civil Defense unit has the names of 29 people missing, of whom 24 are women.DNA testing will be performed soon, according to Delhi Police, but the bodies have been heavily burnt.Families would first attempt to identify them by what they were wearing, and then chemical and DNA testing, according to Sumit Sharma, DCP, West Delhi, said.The majority of the survivors of the accident were poor women who worked in the factory to support their families.In addition to the sadness of losing loved ones, there is also outrage at the idea that despite the significant loss of lives in such incidents in industrial areas, the government hasnt yet built up a framework in which these poor labourers could earn a living without risking their lives.

Amarnath Goel, their father, was killed in the accident.Manish Lakra, the owner of the building who did not have a security clearance from the fire department, has been identified as a suspect and he is on the run, according to police.Officials said that at least 100 people were present in the building at the time of the fire, making it one of Delhi's most tragic incidents in recent years.