Famous Dharwad neighbourhoods are not connected to the New Bus Stand

Commuters in Dharwad city do not have direct buses to the New Bus Stand . Commuters from different areas are forced to change buses at the Central Bus Terminal .

Dharwad: Though seven years have passed since the Old Bus Stand on Belagavi Road was given the task of coordinating all of the activities that were prioritized by the Old Bus Stand, many localities in Dharwad city do not have direct buses to the former.Despite the fact that the New Bus Stand has been operational since 2005, commuters from different areas are forced to change buses at the Central Bus Terminal, much to their dismay.The official behavior of the North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) demonstrated their inability to guarantee a direct bus between the New bus stand and Karnatak University in the heart of Dharwad city.On the other hand, infuriated residents, on the other hand, argued that they had been demanding direct buses connecting the distant corners of the twin cities, which eliminated the need to stop at the Central Bus Terminal.

The terminal is located just 2 kilometers from Sadhanakeri, but we have to drive 3 kilometers to the Central Bus Terminal and take a second bus from there to the New Bus Stand.Sadhanakeri is a tourist destination in the area, with the lake and the Bendre Bhavan, but NWKRTC appears to be ignorant of the problems faced by travelers, according to Srinagar-based businessman Rajkumar Madiwalar.At the Dharwad Railway Station, residents of villages in Bailhongal, Kittur, Savadatti, and Khanapur taluks in the neighbouring Belagavi district boarded trains They alight at the New Bus Stand.Once there, they either have to take an auto to the train station or take the bus to the Central Bus Terminal and board yet another bus from there.

According to him, these buses were halted after the Covid outbreak.Shivanandayya Swami, an ex-serviceman from Barakotri, has visited the region and is familiar with the challenges that commuters face in different cities.The Hubballi-Dharwad system is the worst.It must be regretted that there are no direct buses from the New Bus Stand to places such as the Karnatak University or the train station.It should also be lamented that the far-flung areas in the twin cities are without bus service, according to Hubballi-Dharwad city division controller for NWKRTC, Vivekanand Vishwajanya.

At Jubilee Circle, commuters using the New Bus Stand will switch to the Bus Rapid Transit System.We need more resources and staff to extend the city buses' route to far-off locations.