Farm fires in Punjab have reached 14,000 for the second time in six years.

The total number of wheat straw-burning cases in Punjab reached 14,000 on Saturday . The total number of farm fires in Punjab has also broken a five-year record .

BATHINDA: On Saturday, the total number of wheat straw-burning cases in Punjab reached 14,000, the highest number in six years.The count of 14117 cases had increased to 306 new cases by the end of the day.For the last 44 days, farm fires have been recorded.They also broke a five-year record.

Jalandhar saw the highest number of 86 burning cases during the day, according to data obtained from the Punjab Remote Sensing Centre.It was followed by 43 in Ludhiana, 32 in SBS Nagar, and 31 in Kapurthala.Ferozepur has the highest number of cases this year, 1414.It is followed by 1,225 cases in Amritsar, 1,103 in Gurdaspur, 1,092 in Moga, and 1,059 in Tarn Taran.

The significant increase in wheat straw burning cases during the current season is seen as a significant concern, as wheat chaff prices have hit an all-time peak, and the months of March and April saw temperatures that were higher than average.According to a state agriculture department official, setting fields on fire increases the heat even in those nearby areas.