Female bouncers increase the safety factor at Surats garba venues.

Around 90 women security guards will be stationed in an indoor Navratri function . Around 200 guards will be deployed at indoor events .

SURAT: This year, women revellers can celebrate Navratri, literally bringing all their reservations to the party atmosphere.Women bouncers will be used by all the event promoters on all occasions as security guards.With Navratri returning after a two-year absence, revellers are expected to flock the venues in droves this time.Women bouncers will be charged with ensuring that the garba enthusiasts are able to animate and control the audience, particularly to ensure that female revellers are safe.

Inside the dome, the women guards from Surat and Mumbai will be stationed.According to Pankil Kanani, the event's organizer, we will ensure that the staff are well-trained in dealing with large crowds.Sarsana's other indoor activities will have 200 guards, out of whom 25 will be females.We have created a compliance department that monitors top Bollywood stars, including Salman Khan.

Female guards will also provide cover for non-profit activities, as well as charity-related events of Disabled Welfare Trust.We will have 60 guards on site.According to Mohan Nair, an organizer, 20 of them will be women revellers.