FIDE agrees with Carlsen that cheating in sports has a negative impact.

Magnus Carlsen lost online game against Hans Niemann in a traditional game . The Norwegian had been playing in a tournament just days after losing to the same opponent .

Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, was chastised by the International Chess Federation (FIDE), who abruptly conceded an online game against Hans Niemann, claiming that it shared the Norwegian concern about cheating in the sport.Carlsen resigned at the Julius Baer Generation Cup this week after just one move against American Niemann, who lags just over 200 Elo points behind him, just days after losing an over-the-board tournament to the same opponent.The surprise loss and Carlsens' withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup in St Louis sparked a riot of criticism and allegations that Niemann cheated, including from American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.Carlsen's first defeat with white pieces in a classical game since losing to Levon Aronian in October 2020 was his first defeat with white pieces in a traditional game.

Given recent incidents involving the two players, FIDE said it was its job to safeguard the integrity of chess.The World Champion has a moral compass attached to his status because he is regarded as a global ambassador of the sport, according to a statement released by the governing body on Friday.We are convinced that there are better solutions to this problem.Although Carlsen declined to clarify whether Niemann had used illegal means, FIDE said it was prepared to charge the Fair Play Commission with a thorough investigation of the incident once sufficient preliminary evidence has been provided.

For many years, FIDE has been at the forefront of the fight against cheating, and we continue to promote our zero-tolerance approach to cheating in any form.Niemann had been banned from for cheating on the website in part because he admitted that he had not played fair in non-competitive games on the site in his youth.