FIFA sets deadlines of 15 July for AIFF Constitution approval and 15 September for elections to avoid suspension.

FIFA-AFC team set deadlines to clear up Indian football mess . They want the national federations constitution approved by July 31 and elections by September 15 .

On Thursday, the visiting FIFA-AFC squad set deadlines to clear up the Indian football mess, urging the parties to get the national federation's constitution approved by July 31 and hold elections by September 15, if not, the country would be barred from FIFA by the world body.The team, led by Asian Football Confederation General Secretary Windsor John, made it clear that the deadlines would be strictly followed after the country's three-day tour.The Women's U-17 World Cup, which will be held in October, will be taken away from the country if FIFA ban is applied.The joint FIFA-AFC team has made it clear that the deadlines must be strictly followed.

The state associations have also offered their full assistance.Last month, the Supreme Court dissolved the Praful Patel-led AIFF and formed a three-member Board of Administrators (CoA) to design a new constitution and hold elections for a new group of office bearers.The next date or hearing is scheduled for July 21 (though it is scheduled on the docket).The new constitution is set to be adopted within seven days after the Supreme Court gives it a green light.

According to a state association official, the General Body would eventually have to accept the new constitution, otherwise it will not be a valid document.We then have to submit it to FIFA for final review.We had to pass the bill to hold elections within 30 days of the General Body's acceptance of the constitution, rather than 50 days, at the meeting.It would be impossible to hold elections on September 15, according to a state official.All proposals submitted by the citizens would be collected by June 30, and a draft constitution would be prepared by July 7.

The visiting team met with representatives from the I-League and ISL clubs.It also met with the ISL organisers, the FSDL.It convened with all of the parties and ended up negotiating.This was the second time the delegation met with the CoA.

It met Patel, a member of the influential FIFA Council, on the first day of its visit.