Floods and mudslides in Assam make the Covid vaccine campaign difficult.

Villagers in remote Dima Hasao district in Assam are surviving vaccine crises . Villagers in remote villages have voted to prohibit health staff from entering their area .

GUWAHATI (GUWAHATI): The recently introduced Covid vaccination campaign, Har Ghar Dastak 2.0, has met a cliff as the state is facing the worst-ever landslides this monsoon, and bringing people is a challenge, as is, and second, tribal villagers in Dima Hasao district are surviving vaccine crises.In an effort to vaccinate villagers, many villages have voted to prohibit health staff from entering their area.On behalf of 15 families, the village leader of Vattop Leikeh has written to the health department, encouraging them not to go to their village.Vaccinators are heading for remote Dima Hasao villages in Assam.

The village headman has told us that the villagers do not want to be vaccinated in such a situation.Landslides have cut off access to the village, but district immunization officer Marina L Changsan said they will go there once more to convince them.The villagers, mainly from the Christian caste, believe that God will save them from Covid.Though the villagers turned away from the vaccination due to poverty and isolation, health officials in Solpidong village, Nagaland's last village, managed to immunize one woman, which was seen as a triumph.

We secretly vaccinate the married woman in her 30s, because she is in her 30s.According to ANM Sumhluokim Ringsete, the village headman and her relatives are unaware that she has been immunized.Ringsete had to walk for more than 48 hours to reach the destinations in villages like Solpidong, Lhungjang, and Mongjang, which are about 65 to 72 kilometers away from the nearest cold chain points where the vaccine is stored, after halting for a night to vaccinate one or two beneficiaries.