For election duty, a Chatra lady carries her husband on her back.

Manoj Oraon was injured in an accident a few days ago and could barely walk . His wife carried him to polling booths despite his illness .

Chatra, India: Though it is a standard sight for immobile and elderly citizens to be carried by their kin on shoulders or cots or wheelchairs to polling booths during elections, a middle-aged woman caught everyone's attention on Saturday when she carried her husband on her back for poll duty at a polling center in Chatra district.During the first phase of the panchayat election, which began on Saturday, Manoj Oraon, who is working asAfter an accident a few days ago, he could barely walk because of injuries to his legs.He and his wife arrived at the polling booth in a vehicle from where they met, Baby Kumari, who he took him to his place of work.While recovering from my injury, I got a message saying that I would have to be there for the polling duties.

Soon after, authorities at the hospital realized the complexity of Manojs situation and ordered an intervention team to look him.He was declared unfit for work by the hospital staff.Manoj was sent home after taking the doctor's advice.