For skipping the untouchability oath, the Tamil Nadu SC/ST commission advises taking action against government college faculty.

Tamil Nadu State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes voted to take action against K Pugalenthi . Pugalenthi deliberately avoided anti-untouchability pledge and Day of Equality pledge .

CHENNAI: On Friday, the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes voted to take action against K Pugalenthi, a senior lecturer at the Egmore College of Fine Arts, for deliberately avoiding the anti-untouchability pledge and the Day of Equality pledge.Following an investigation into the petition brought by a senior clerk of the college, J Panneerselvam, the commission has requested that the institution's faculty member be prosecuted.On January 29, the university's staff and students were encouraged to gather in front of the principals chamber to take the oath.This year, the government ordered that all government workers take the anti-untouchability oath.

According to Panneerselvam, he deliberately skipped the parade.Pugalenthi took a casual leave on January 29.To commemorate Dr Ambedkar's birth anniversary on April 18, 2022, he did not take the Day of Equity initiative.Despite Pugalenthi coming to the college on the same day, he did not turn up to take the oath.

Since I noted that the senior lecturer had skipped the pledge-taking activities for the second year in a row, he joined hands with the joint director of the arts and culture department and took me out of the institute.As a result of my status in another government agency, I was promoted to a lower rank, according to the petitioner.The college administration cancelled the Panneerselvams transfer order after the commission intervened and conducted an investigation.The commission has decided to take action against Pugalenthi and other employees who broke government laws and regulations after a thorough investigation, according to commission chairperson Justice P R Shivakumar.