For the 66k engineering diploma slots, 42,000 applicants submit their applications.

Around 23,000 seats in Ahmedabad will remain vacant this year . 42,465 students have registered themselves .

Ahmedabad, India: Since Class 10 has concluded, the application process for admission to engineering diploma courses has begun, and it is expected that around 23,000 seats in the state will remain vacant this year.According to reports, 42,465 students have registered themselves, and the admissions committee has also started the next step for admissions.The registrations began on June 16 and ended on August 2.The state's admissions committee extended the deadline for applicants to 66,000 engineering diploma programs, according to sources.

After Class 10 students were mass promoted, 42,000 people registered last year, and almost the same number of students have applied this year, despite no mass promotions.