For the position of Margao chairman, there are two candidates.

Lyndon Pereira completed one year in office as chairperson of Margao Municipal Council . He has been in office for one year and will be replaced by a new candidate .

Margao: The efforts by those who intend to succeed Pereira are ongoing after Lyndon Pereira completed one year in office as chairperson of Margao Municipal Council (MMC), and those who intend to succeed him are scheduled to begin a change of guard after two more months, according to an unwritten deal between councillors.Senior councillors Ghanashyam Shirodkar and Damodar Shirodkar are being tossed about as one of the candidates for the octagon.Margao Civic Alliance, a Goa Forward Party and Model Margao MLA Digambar Kamat-backed coalition, had won 17 out of the 25 seats in the civic elections last year, defeating the BJP's committee, which had to contest with just seven seats.It was decided that Pereira would serve as chairperson of the council for the first 15 months, while Dipali Sawal from the Kamat-camp would serve as vice-chairperson, according to a later process.

According to the deal, it's now the turn of a Kamat-camp candidate to take over Pereira's and GFP's control of the vice-chairperson position.Both candidates for the chairpersons position carried a banner of defiance against Kamat last year, chastised by Kamats inability to consider their candidatures and give them to the GFP.Pereira had created a stir the day before completing a year in office by claiming that he was confident of completing his five-year term.I appreciate the support of my fellow councillors and the MLAs involved in my campaign.

He retracted his testimony and stated that he was able to step down whenever asked.Pereira said he has been charged with investing amounts of Rs 10 crore in the one year he has been in office.