Four people were detained in Kolkata with 6.2 million rupees worth of gold.

Cops found 11kg gold worth Rs 6.2 crore in vehicle on the Belgharia Expressway . Four people were sitting inside the van when they were arrested .

KOLKATA (KoLKATA) — Around 4.30 a.m. on Friday, cops detained four people and recovered around 11kg gold worth Rs 6.2 crore from a vehicle on the Belgharia Expressway on the northern fringes of the city.The vehicle was discovered by a patrolling unit at Belgharia police station on the Dakshineswar-bound flank of the expressway at Prafulla Nagar.The four were sitting inside the van.They were questioned by police and found many contradictions in their testimony.

During interrogation, the accused admitted that they smuggled the gold from Bangladesh.The four people who were arrested in Barrackpore court on Friday have been put in police detention for five days.