From June 1, the Delhi Secretariat will be free of single-use plastic goods, according to Minister Gopal Rai.

From June 1, the Kejriwal government has declared that all single-use plastic goods will be banned in Delhi Secretariat offices . Reusable pens and water bottles will be discouraged, and only cloth or paper banners will be allowed .

New Delhi: From June 1, environmental minister Gopal Rai declared that a ban on single-use plastic products would be implemented at the Delhi Secretariat.In the first stage, use-and-throw pens and water bottles will be forbidden.Banners, posters, and cutlery made from single-use plastic will be allowed in the secretariat rooms.Starting from July 1, the Centre has imposed a ban on 19 single-use plastic items in the region.

Single-use plastic contributes to significant environmental degradation.Many people attempt to destroy single-use plastic by burning or disposing it in the ground, which causes air, water, and soil contamination and is a major threat to the environment.Single-use plastic materials have been found to be able to travel through air and water, causing local sewage or drainage systems to choke and resultant waterlogging problems.He said that a public relations campaign is required to discourage the use of single-use plastic items.

According to Rai, the emphasis would be on reusable goods made of metal, bamboo, paper, and earthen materials.Speaking about eco-friendly alternatives, the minister said that instead of single-use water bottles and cutlery, bamboo, glass, porcelain, metal, or paper cutlery would be used.Reusable pens will be discouraged, and only cloth or paper banners will be used.It would be impossible to eliminate single-use plastic products from our everyday lives unless other alternatives are introduced, he said.