From now on, listen to the radio while riding the Shatabdi Express.

Ooka Shatabdi Radio will be available on Shatabdi Express 1204546 . The move is designed to make the commute enjoyable and stress-free .

On Shatabdi Express trains, passengers will now be able to enjoy music.On the way to Delhi, passengers travelling through Chandigarh, Ambala, and Karnal can enjoy music and connectivity from Ooka Shatabdi Radio.Ambala divisional railway manager Gurinder Mohan Singh said the move is designed to make the three-hour and 15-minute commute time enjoyable and stress-free.Ambala divisional railway manager Gurinder Mohan Singh said the contract was awarded under the name Innovative Advertisement through Ooka Radio in Shatabdi Express 1204546 and that it was awarded as part of the New, Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme (NINFRIS for the first time.

Ooka Ads' senior divisional commercial manager Hari Mohan said that the company's innovative product is for radio advertisement in 1204546 Shatabdi Express trains, which originate from the Ambala division.During the journey, the frequency of commercial advertising will be ten minutes per hour.The remaining 45 minutes of service will be divided into instrumental music, messages, and entertainment, and five minutes for railway announcements.According to him, the Ambala division expects to make a lot more money from this program.