From Vignesh Shivan, with love, to Thangamey Nayanthara. Go To His Post

Vignesh Shivan posts video of his birthday party in Dubai . He thanks his wife for making the day extra special .

New Delhi: An eye on the cutting edge of modern life.Vignesh Shivan, a filmmaker who celebrated his birthday, has posted an adoring video of a cruise party in Dubai.For the birthday boy, we can see Vigneshs relatives and friends singing.Please take a look at the image if you think it couldt get any better.

He expressed gratitude to his thangamey for making the day extra special, writing, It's my 8th birthday with you, my thangamey.You have made every birthday extra special than the previous one..But this one was way too emotional.Thank you for being a devotee of yourself.

Wishing you all a long life of love, joy, and joy.Thank you.More and more I love you and the way you love me.On September 18, Vignesh Shivan celebrated his 37th birthday.

The two tied the knot in a dreamy weddingearlier this year.Nayanthara made it a point to make it a memorable birthday as per usual.How can we know, you ask?Vignesh has shared stories of her amazing surprise to me.

My wife and I were given a huge surprise by my husband.I had a dreamy birthday bash at Burj Khalifa with all my lovely people with me.It doesn't get any better and more unique than this.In this blessed life, I always thank God for all the wonderful moments he gives me.Vignesh Shivan has also shared a touching note dedicated to his mother.

The album is simply magnificent, and we can only assume it is.He said in the caption, Its always been a dream to take my mother to other countries and see how her face changes when she sees tall buildings, new people, and newer things:) The fulfillment I look for in her face makes sense, gives me joy, fulfillment, and a sense of achievement; and it gives me meaning for all the hard work that I do.And it comes to all the wonderful things life has offered to me!As you continue to proclaim good and wonderful things these days, the best part is that the best days are the hardest.

Thanking God and the universe for ticking off the bulk of my bucket list wishes by now.Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal was Vesh Shivans last film.Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu were the key players in the film.