Future Tech Congress (FTC) 2022 will be announced by IET India.

The IET Future Technology Congress will be held in Bengaluru (Karnataka) on June 24 (India) The theme is Decoding tomorrows customer demands . The IET Future Tech Congress 2022 will focus on four high-impact sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and Supply Chain & Logistics .

The IET Future Technology Congress, which will be held in Bengaluru (Karnataka) on June 24 (India), will be held by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, India (IET India).The theme is Decoding tomorrow's customer demands.The IoT India Congress is scheduled to take place on November 22-23, 2022 in a phygital format (accessible both physically and digitally).The theme of the day was to bring the IoT's potential to the forefront of mainstreaming, both in terms of tech breakthrough and business value creation.

The IET Future Tech Panel has been actively supporting key impact fields by enabling transformative technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, and IoT, according to Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director of IET India.We hope to create a futurescape for tomorrow's customers and their needs by fostering new ideas and creative suggestions through this event.We are all set to host panels of renowned industry experts and thought leaders, and we are looking forward to a broad audience from all angles in the technology community.The IET Future Tech Congress 2022 will focus on four high-impact sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and Supply Chain & Logistics.

The conference features carefully selected use cases, discussions, and spotlight sessions on topics such as virtual simulations for product creation with Digital Twin, Interoperable health records with Blockchain technologies, the use of human twin in diagnostics, and decentralized finance.Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, Chair of the IET Future Tech Panel, says that technologies are continuing to evolve, resulting in increased cost savings in current businesses and the development of new business models and solutions.We aim to raise funds and awareness amongst high-impact industries about the business benefits that can be gained from this emerging technology through the IET Future Tech Congress.The FTC is a forum for Industry and Academia to share their expertise and knowledge of how they use future technologies for better business results.

Businesses are also faced with a difficult challenge of making their customer experience more personal, engaging, and transparent.Consumers aren't just looking for the best product at a reasonable price, but they also want accurate data on demand, quick and efficient service, and intelligent interaction.In addition, a fast-changing market and an environment fraught with predictability have made it necessary for every industry to have predictive insights and real-time data at their fingertips.Companies must stay ahead of the curve as technology advances at a rapid rate and channelize this progress toward satisfying customer needs, says Suman Bhowmick, Events Development and Project Head, South Asia, IET.

This will include futuristic super keynotes, disruptive technology use cases, exciting debates, and tech spotlights from the worlds of AI, Blockchain, and the Digital Twin.This event will be complemented by a showcase-driven Innovation Expo, he adds.This event is not only intended to serve as a roadmap for businesses that want to become future-ready, but also to highlight the possibilities and challenges that can be anticipated in the future of customer demands.India is a regional region of India.Given India's increasing global acclaim as an engineering hub, we intend to make a difference both locally and internationally.

We aim to achieve this by working in alliance with industry, academia, and government, focusing on the application of knowledge across both the academic and career lifecycles, encouraging creativity and thought leadership in high-impact industries.