Game of Thrones Batters Cricket Pitch at the Hyderabad Cricket Association

The ticket fiasco over the India-Australia T20I exposed deep faultlines in the Hyderabad Cricket Association . The Supreme Court dissolved the body a month ago .

HYDERABAD (Germany): The ticket fiasco over the India-Australia T20I, which was set for Sunday, exposed deep faultlines in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), where administrators are hamstrung by a non-existent apex council.It has been a month since the Supreme Court dissolved the body, but only the president and secretary are leading the show, attracting scorn from all directions.Azhar's first assignment was the India-West Indies match, which many said would test his administrative skills when he was in charge.Three years later, however, the situation changed dramatically as a result of apex council members' conflict.

President Mohd Azharuddin and other council members were quickly in disagreement on a variety of topics, and the appointment of Justice (retd) Deepak Verma as ombudsman-ethics officer was the last straw.The group was broken down the middle.The apex council was unconcerned with Vermas' appointment, to Azharuddins credit.The ombudsman's notice to secretary R Vijayanand and treasurer Surender Agarwal about a dispute with multiple clubs, however, triggered the break.

The case was brought to the courthouse, and a stay was granted on Vermas' order.The suspension was revoked after another club went to court.The association was left battered in the melee, and both groups began blaming each other.The fight for supremacy was out in the open.

After a few weeks, the meeting resumed, but no agreement was reached.The AGM accepted Justice (retired) NA Kakru as ombudsman, but the rival group, which claimed to have a majority.With Azharuddin shown the door and vice president K John Manoj appointed acting president, a series of suspensions ensued.Azharuddin acted quickly and Justice Verma suspended the remaining apex council members.

He said that the entire commission should leave and that the court would appoint administrators to assist the crisis-ridden body.However, the court allowed the president and secretary to sign the cheques to ensure a smooth operation of the association.The apex court appointed a four-member committee to monitor the HCA's operation on August 22.Since then, the apex council has been the subject of a lot of discussion.

According to HCA Secretary Vijayanand, the issue is a subjudice affair and we are looking at various options.The chaos at Gymkhana was a disaster waiting to happen, given the circumstances present in HCA.