Gen. Rawat was generous with his time and recollections.

Maj Gen Rajendra Nath is the son of an 11-GR (Gorkha Rifles) officer (Regimental Burro) His father was remembered by a personalized note at every festival and new year.

Maj Gen Rajendra Nath, PVSM (retd), from the 11 Gorkha Rifles (1947 Commission) should ideally write this.He is however unable to participate because of the health problems of old age.However, as the son of an 11-GR (Gorkha Rifles) officer (Regimental Burro), we extend our deepest appreciation and admiration to Gen Bipin Rawat, Madhulika Rawat, Brig Lidder, and Lt Col Harinder Singh (also 11 GR), and all aboard the ill-fated helicopter.We are sending our prayers for their families.

Over the years, he watched with ardor and admiration the careers of a few officers, particularly those who were the sons of regimental officers.Gen Rawat was certainly one of them.Lt Gen Lakshman Singh Rawat, a 11-year-old boy, was certainly well-known to dad.They were all from the same period, as to say.

Gen Rawat's career was watched with ardor and admiration by him.I would describe it as a blend of Regimental-cum-Old Burro pride.They would begin with concerns that ex-servicemen will encounter every day on the phone, then ask his parents, saying he was proud that their son was doing so well.Gen Rawat was surely indulged most lovingly due to his father's relationship, according to me.

His father was remembered by a personalized note at every festival and new year.My father spent hours on the phone with him to make sure he was safe and got a most affectionate note from then Lt Gen Rawat, who he later dispatched as the Corps Commander.We all remember one particular tragedy, which has boosted our love for him.My mother had passed away, and my father was still engrossed in the Institute for the Blind, but was also grieving.

Since he was now very young, my father advised me to express regret with regards.He would not know most policemen.Plus, he didn't seem up to it without my mother.I said the same thing to everyone else.

I told my father to go.He said he didn't like home and the academy.We received a call late evening, and the officer explained to me that Gen Rawat wanted to speak with my father.He treated him with reverence and said he would only go for dinner if Dad came.

With a straight back and josh.He came back years younger and more emotionally committed.His generosity, kindness, and admiration were all attributes of a happy memory.Gen Bipin Rawat will be missed by everyone in the family for his kindness and discretion.

He sent out a lovely gift and a card later in my daughters' wedding by way of a formal messenger.Once more, our thoughts and prayers are in your possession, as well as the love shown to an old Regimental Burro.May he and his wife be at peace always, as all others on the ill-fated helicopter.(The author is a retired banker)