Germany announces a second phase of its gas emergency plan.

German government declares second phase of national gas emergency plan . Russian gas imports via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline reduced to 40% of capacity .

Berlin, Germany, June 24 (Xinhua): The German government declared the second phase of the country's national gas emergency plan on Thursday, after Russian gas imports via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline were reduced to 40% of capacity, according to Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck.The situation is serious, according to Habeck.To avoid a disruption of the electricity supply, this mechanism could be beneficial in some circumstances.But it also has drawbacks, and that's why we're working on alternative models, according to Habeck.In May, inflation in Germany soared to 7.9 percent, according to official estimates.

The German government has already implemented a range of steps to mitigate the impacts of rising energy prices on consumers and businesses, including a more generous mileage allowance for long-distance commuters, a discount ticket for public transportation, and a fuel tax cut, according to Habeck.From now on, gas will be a scarce commodity.(