Getting enraged for no apparent reason? The heat is to blame.

Temperatures in Prayagraj have soared over 46 degrees Celsius . Experts say heat-related illnesses are on the rise due to scorching heat .

Prayagraj: Are you yelling at the drop of a hat or feeling lethargic Blame it on the blazing hot weather that has gripped the city for the past two weeks.With the maximum temperature soared over 46 degrees Celsius, turning the city into an oven, heat-related illnesses are also on the rise.Experts cautioned that if left unchecked, these ailments can be fatal.Dr. Ishnaya Raj, a clinical psychologist at Motilal Nehru Divisional Hospital Prayagraj (under the district mental health initiative), said, The brisk weather makes us easily irritated or irritated, and we are more likely to feel unenergetic most of the time.

Heat waves are now considered the deadliest weather events, outnumbering hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes as a group.According to an expert, the effects of scorching heat on emotions and psychiatric conditions show that there are shifts in mood and behavior as a result of stress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, which can also fall prey to drug use associated with depressive words and suicidal ideation.Searing hot temperatures can also result in domestic violence, strains on social relationships, and human conflicts.This can also result in suicide in extreme circumstances, she said.

Besides those with an existing or pre-existing mental illness and the economically marginalized, people with such a condition should also be considered, said Dr Raj.In terms of precautions, the specialist said, The best and easiest way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water.We should drink more water than usual, which means we shouldn't wait until we are thirsty.She also suggested that outdoor activities be planned carefully.

To cool down, take a shower, never park children or pets in cars, and keep an eye on the local news for health and safety information, she said.