GN Saibaba threatens a hunger strike because of CCTV in anda cell of Nagpur jail.

GN Saibaba is 90% physically disabled due to a range of chronic health conditions . He was found guilty of supporting the CPI-Maoist, a banned outfit .

NAGPUR (NAGPUR): GN Saibaba, a convicted Maoist ideologue and former Delhi University English professor now housed in Nagpur Central Jail, has threatened to go on an indefinite hunger strike until death to protest the use of CCTV cameras just outside his jail cell.According to him, the cameras record snapshots of his bathroom seat and bathing area, compromising his privacy.Jail authorities have denied allegations that the CCTV cameras outside the anda cell had been upgraded to monitor Saibabas's situation in a better way and ensure his safety.Saibaba is 90% physically disabled due to a range of chronic health conditions.

He was accused of providing logistics assistance and recruitment assistance for the organization.Saibaba was found guilty of unlawful activities prevention under sections of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act in 2014.Saibabas wife AS Vasantha Kumari and brother G Ramadevudu, the states home minister, have informed him of his decision to go on a hunger strike until death to protest the installation of CCTV cameras, the refusal of water bottles in the wake of rising temperatures, repeated rejection of parole, and the diagnosis and treatment of other medical problems.According to Vasantha, the CCTV cameras are designed in a way that Saibaba is denied privacy when relieving himself, bathing, or changing clothes.

The primary aim of the DIG Prisons (est.Region) Swati Sathe said that the principal goal of the prison staff was to preserve the dignity of a prisoner as a human being.We had installed the CCTV cameras and upgraded them to make sure the attendants were properly treating Saibaba, whose wellbeing is also a sensitive issue.She Sathe says he needs two attendants to assist him round the clock.

Vasantha said that the anda cell already has several levels of protection, and that such sweeping CCTV surveillance is questionable.She is also outraged that Saibaba has been refused a water bottle brought by his opponent.Saibaba was unable to drink water from light-weight water bottles due to such extreme temperatures, and she had to lift a heavy thermometer, which he couldn't, she said.Sathe denied the charge, saying that Saibaba was surprised to see the advocate's big water bottle and refused to take it.

According to Sathe, we have provided sufficient water bottles to Saibaba and also ensured that he is being cared for as per the laws.The Saibabas family has reiterated their desire to transfer the sick professor to Hyderabad prison, as required by the transfer laws.