Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has advised writers to popularise Konkani literature among children.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said there was a need for popularizing Konkani literature among children . Sawant said Konkani is an independent language rather than a Marathi dialect .

PANAJI: On Saturday, CM Pramod Sawant said that there was a need for popularizing Konkani literature among children and urged Konkani writers to tackle it as a challenge to produce content that would attract the new generation to Konkani.Speaking at the inaugural session of the Akhil Bhartiya Konkani Parishad in Malvan, Maharashtra, he said, This will result in a generation that values Konkani asmitai (identity).Sawant added that Konkani, which is spoken in a variety of dialects in four states, is an independent language rather than a Marathi dialect, and that the status Konkani enjoys as a literary language was indisputable.Apart from the various dialects spoken in Goa, Konkani is spoken in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, he said.

It is Goa's official language and has the honor of being included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.There is no reason to suspect Konkanis status.Sawants' arguments have a place in the context of assertions at the recently held Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan at Udgir that Konkani was a Marathi dialect and a renewed push for it to be Goa's second official language.Though the number of Konkani-speaking people was declining, the Konkanis' sphere of influence has expanded not only in India, but also around the world, Sawant said.

Sawant said that the Goa government's many initiatives for the promotion of Konkani were instrumental in making the general man understand what the state budget had in store for him for the first time.Sawant, reminding the assembly that Manohar Parrikar who first presented the budget in Konkani was the source of the budget, said that then speaker Rajendra Arlekar conducted assembly sessions primarily in Konkani, and that he did so as he became speaker.When I had the opportunity to present the states budget as chief minister, I did it in Konkani, Sawant said.The rikshawalo, the dudhwalo, and the nustekar (understand) what the budget had in it for him was helpful because it was presented in Goans' mother tongue.

He backed his claims with a reference to PM Narendra Modis' call for the use of regional languages in court proceedings, and reminded the audience of his pitch for Konkani as a medium of communication for court proceedings in Goa at a Hindi convention days before Modis' remarks.He further stressed that topics such as nationalization, unity in diversity, etc., should be included in the writings of intelligentsia and litterateurs.Indians had always dreamed of Akhand Bharat, but now it is being realized.In literature, the belief that the entire region from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is one and belongs to us, that Hindustan is ours, should be reflected.

On the occasion, Minister of Culture and Arts Govind Gaude and Jnanpith winner Damodar Mauzo addressed guests.