Goa's first Ramsar site is being cleaned by the government and the locals.

Nanda lake in Curchorem, India, is one of Goas largest wetlands . The lake is one of Goas' first wetlands to be granted Ramsar status .

Margao: Days after gaining the reputation of being Goa's first Ramsar site, the water resources department (WRD) started the sweeping of the Nanda lake in Xeldem, Curchorem, on Friday, where the villagers assisted in the cleanup mission.The lake, which has 42 acres, is one of Goas largest wetlands.It is one of the ten new wetlands in India to be granted Ramsar status, which is granted for wetlands of international importance.The Nanda lake has been listed on the international map as a Ramsar site because of its importance in supplying ecological services.

In addition, such land areas also provide shelter to coastlines and filters.Any method of encroachment, development of new industries, solid waste disposal, discharge of untreated wastes and effluents, poaching, and any construction of a permanent nature are among the activities prohibited within the wetlands.With the recognition of Ramsar status, the wetland site is likely to be developed into a viable and community-oriented tourism destination.Locals are expected to benefit from the increases in employment opportunities as a result of the change.

The site will be protected and beautified by the government under the supervision of the local lake management committee.