Gokul Suresh: My adventure with Paappan has been fruitful.

Gokul Suresh wrote a thank you note on his social media account . He thanked fans for their support during the film's release .

On July 29, Paappan, directed by master filmmaker Joshiy and starring Suresh Gopi, screened in theaters.On the third week of its release, the film continues to enthral moviegoers, and Gokul Suresh has penned a thank you note.Gokul Suresh played a crucial role in the film, and it's interesting that Paappan also stars with his father superstar Suresh Gopi for his first film.Gokul Suresh wrote a gratitude note on his social media account, sharing that he is gratified by the positive feedback he received for Paappan.

It's actually a mileage boost and driving force.I have to express appreciation and gratitude for your support and support during this journey.I will be forever grateful.Our film is already pursuing its dream in confined spaces.

Much love and more to come, he wrote in the note.Ex-cop Paappan and his estranged daughter, ACP Vincy Abraham, rounded up the investigation team for a pair of tense murder cases, according to Paappan.Suresh Gopi played the role of ex-cop Abraham Mathew Mathan, aka Pappan.During Gokul Sureshs last outing, Arun Chandu's last outing was Sayanna Varthakal, a political satire.