Gold medalists at CWG 2022 Mirabai Chanu and Achinta Sheuli are warmly welcomed in Amritsar

Mirabai Chanu and Achinta Sheuli returned to their home country with two gold medals . Lovepreet Singh and Gurdeep Singh also returned to their homeland with a warm welcome .

Mirabai Chanu and Achinta Sheuli were treated with love by the people at Amritsar Airport in Punjab on August 6, after winning a gold medal for the country in CWG 2022.Chanu and Sheuli returned to their home country with two gold medals.Both the weightlifters had a good campaign in Birmingham, where they came top of the podium in their respective categories, making the whole country proud, said Achinta, who was greeted warmly by the Indian people with a bouquet of flowers and sweets.Lovepreet Singh and Gurdeep Singh, also returned to their homeland.

Gurdeep and Lovepreet each received a bronze medal for the country, and the people of Punjab are extremely proud to see them back in the country, said Lovepreet, who received a bronze medal in the 109 KG weight category.The pair were greeted with a lot of love and affection from the community.As Gurdeep prepares to face new challenges in the coming year and make the country proud again, we look forward to preparing for Asian Games, the Olympics, said Gurdeep.Achinta Sheuli claimed a gold medal in the mens 73 kg final, lifting 143 kg in his third clean and jerk attempt, setting a new Commonwealth Games record.Chanu also lifted 84 kg in her first attempt at the Snatch class.

Chanu, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, struggled to lift 90kg in the Clean and Jerk lift category after a spectacular display of speed in her first attempt.Lovepreet lifted 113 kg on her second attempt, but did not reach the heights of 115 kg in this multi-sports event in 2022.In his final Snatch attempt, it weighed 163 kg, a new record of 192 kg in the Clean and Jerk category.With a combined lift of 390 kg, Gurdeep Singh claimed the bronze medal in the mens 109-plus kg final at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games 2022.