Government schools are requesting uniform funds from parents.

Parents in Dehradun are being forced to pay for uniforms and transfer certificates . Parents in government schools are being overcharged for immediate delivery of uniforms .

Dehradun is a city in India where residents have claimed that parents in the city are being reportedly required to pay uniform money and present transfer certificates from previous schools for admitting their children to government schools in the Dehradun district, but that was not so good because I couldn't afford to take her there.At the time, she was in the fourth grade.We carried on with some of her studies at home and wanted her to apply for admission to the sixth grade, which we did at the nearest public school this year.We ran from pillar to post, but they kept asking for many documents.

The behaviour of the security guards and the class leader was demeaning.A parent, a Shivlok Colony resident, called us but we refused to meet when we arrived there.The school principal told me that the admission was being investigated and would be considered for classes beginning in July.The school's administration official said that they have 75 students and one classroom, causing the one teacher in that class to refuse admission because she is overworked, and that the family has yet to receive any information regarding their daughters' admission.

To compel parents to submit TC and other papers is against RTE rules.This is not to say nothing about it.Parents in government schools are being overcharged for immediate delivery of uniforms, according to Arif Khan, president of the National Association for Parents and Student Rights, despite the fact that books and uniforms will be given for free to students until the eighth grade.Parents will not be required to provide copies under the RTE.

The funds are divided in the account of the parent as far as uniforms are concerned.The state currently has 4.3 lakh registered students in 2,514 operational schools, including 1,296 government schools, 1,044 private ones, and 18 Kendriya Vidyalayas, according to Mukul Kumar Sati, chief education officer.The state has over 2,200 anganwadis.