Gujarat: fewer first-time voters by 16 percent during a ten-year period

In 2022, the number of first-time voters, ages 18-19, has decreased by 16% compared to 2012 . The number of voters in all other age groups has increased .

GANDHINAGARAHMEDABAD: In 2022, the number of first-time voters, ages 18-19, has decreased by 16% compared to 2012.According to statistics from the electoral rolls, there were 1.34 lakh first-time voters of the 18-19 age group in 2012, declining to 1.12 lakh in 2022.The decrease in first-time voters has been 9.5 percent, from 1.24 lakh to 1.12 lakh in the last five years, from 2017 to 2022.The number of voters in all other age groups has increased.

Significantly, the 50-plus age group saw the biggest increase in voters in a decade.The number in this category increased to 1.57 crore in 2012, up 59.6% from 98.56 lakh in 2012.According to sources in Gujarat's chief electoral officer, there is already a problem in the state's registration of first-timers.The European Commission provides guidelines for facilitating the registration of elderly people on a regular basis.

As for the young voters, awareness campaigns are being expanded and registration of first-time voters is a permanent process, according to sources in the CEO's office.Officials said a year-wise analysis of the increase of people in the 50-plus age bracket shows that the number of such voters increased by 10.58 lakh between 2012 and 2014, by 14.99 lakh between 2014 and 2017, by 10.73 lakh between 2017 and 2019 and by 22.01 lakh between 2019 and 2022.The highest rate of growth in the past decade is in the 80-years-plus range, as shown by this graph.The number in this group increased to 10.66 lakh in 2022, an increase of 150.6%, from 4.26 lakh 80-plus voters in 2012.

A senior official said that they had estimated the increase in voters from the census numbers.According to their estimates, the expected number of voters would be 4.79 crore in 2022, while the voter list would be 4.83 crore.Officials claim there have been more voters registered than the projected population in all but two groups, according to officials.The 18-19 age group, with 11.18 lakh registered voters versus 26.75 lakh expected, and the 20-29 year group, with 1.02 crore registered voters versus 1.33 crore expected.

Gaurang Jani, a sociologist, said life expectancy has increased, and that as a result, the number of people in the 50-plus age bracket has increased dramatically in all states.Furthermore, the number of young voters in the region is gradually decreasing.Jani said that this is a national phenomenon.Yamal Vyas, a BJP spokesperson, said the organization is aware of the shifting demographics of the voters.

According to Vyas, there are also programs for all ages.The government has been behaving imprecisely in registering new voters, according to the Congress.According to Doshi, the BJP is resisting registering fresh voters because they will vote against it.