Gujarat: MBBS/BDS admissions will be conducted online

The applications must be filled and returned by 5pm on October 3 . The state commission will conduct two rounds of counseling, a mop-up, and a straggler .

CHENNAI (State Selection Committee): According to the prospectus released by the state selection committee, admission to MBBSBDS courses to the state quota of government colleges and self-financing medical colleges will largely follow the online pattern set by the directorate general of health services.The applications, which may be downloaded from and, must be filled and returned by 5pm on October 3.After reviewing the application forms, the committee would publish the order list, according to Dr R Muthuselvan, the chair of the selection committee.During the next few weeks of counseling, the state commission will conduct two rounds of counseling, a mop-up, and a straggler.

However, parents and students criticized the prospectus' shortcomings.According to student counsellors like Manickavel Arumugam, the prospectus has continued to ignore private medical schools.There were no admissions to Srinivasa Medical College last year.This year, we have a second private medical university.

According to him, there is no way to know who will make their statements.For example, the committee has asked all candidates to pay a non-refundable fee of 500 towards the processing fee via the bank payment portal and register for the first phase of the application process.It was announced that candidates who were not registered in the first phase of online counseling would not be allowed to attend the subsequent phases of online counseling.Nonetheless, in explaining the second phase, it states that candidates who want to attend the planned second phase must pay 500 if not already paid.

These rules need to be clarified, said S Satish, whose nephew is attending the counseling this year.Candidates who opt out of college in the first phase will not be entitled to claim the opted-out colleges in a subsequent phase of consultation, according to the prospectus, but it does allow a person who has taken a seat and not registered the course to continue the course in the subsequent phases of online counseling for the academic year 2022-2023.I first thought it was a printing mistake when I read section D of the first phase of online counseling.But it doesn't look like it, said Mahalakshmi S, the mother of a medical aspirant.