Gujarat: Medical professionals advised to make up for post-C-section immobility

Ruksanabanu Malek, a gynaecologist in Isanpur, underwent surgery to relieve her back pain . She became immobile after the operation and said she has a 99 percent permanent disability .

AHMEDABAD: Two doctors, a gynaecologist and an anaesthetist, were ordered to pay Rs 8.48 lakh in damages to a woman who became immobile after a C-section operation, with 7% interest.Ruksanabanu Malek, a gynaecologist in Isanpur, consulted with Dr Gargi Bhatt, and was admitted to Dr Bhadra Hospital and Sonography Center on November 15.Dr. Bhatt performed the surgery, and Dr. Rankit Thakkar was assigned to administer anaesthesia.After proper surgical care, a boy was born and Malek was discharged.

She consulted with ten doctors and underwent surgery to relieve her back pain, but it worsened and she became immobile after a while.Before the consumer commission, she said she could not rise from bed and walk without assistance.She could not take care of her daughter.She said she has a 99 percent permanent disability.

The doctors denied the allegations and dismissed the lawsuit.They solicited medical opinions in order to prove in detail how the caesarean surgery might not have caused Malek's problem.According to research, the patient was suffering from TB of the vertebrae, which may have caused her back pain.They denied that the procedure and administration of anaesthesia had caused pain to the patient's spine.

Since Dr Bhatt has insurance from Oriental Insurance Co Ltd, the insurer will have to pay her part.