Gurugram Tower is illegal, claims a consumer forum Not in the original plan, and no residents' consent was obtained

Consumer Commission has ruled tower in Gurugram that is being constructed is unlawful . Commission found tower was not in original layout plan and was built without permission from homebuyers .

The country's top-of-the-line consumer commission, NCDRC, has ruled that a tower in Gurugram that is being constructed is unlawful and has ordered its developer to suspend construction work.The commission, which was considering a petition filed by 300 flat owners of M3M Merlin in Sector 67, found that the tower was not in the original layout plan and was built without seeking permission from homebuyers.The flat owners' argument is similar to one of the key points made by the RWA of Noidas Emerald Court in its court fight against the twin towers that were not in the society's original scheme.The case culminated in a historic verdict in August when the Supreme Court ordered the towers to be destroyed.

The bench dismissed a homebuyer's complaint about a lack of amenities in the society.According to a M3M India spokeswoman, the organisation has high regard for NCDRC.However, we suspect that the complainants have inaccurately depicted M3M.We now want to push this issue further for justice.

It began offering ownership in 2017, but it was only in early 2019 that residents learned that the developer was constructing an additional tower on land designated for economically weaker communities (EWS).Before making changes to a project's layout plan, the agreement of two-thirds of allotted funds must be obtained.To the eighth floor, the Tower 11 has been completed.