Har Ghar Tiranga campaign is commemorated by Flag Foundation of India with a musical performance in Delhi

The Flag Foundation of India celebrated the Har Ghar Tiranga, Har Din Tiranga, campaign . The campaign was launched in 1981 to commemorate 75 years of independence .

New Delhi, India, August 6: In the national capital, the Flag Foundation of India celebrated the Har Ghar Tiranga, Har Din Tiranga, campaign.The Centres initiative was launched in 1981 to commemorate 75 years of India's independence.Several artists, including Indian Idol musician Parleen Gill and his band, amused the audience.Gill also performed the Flag Foundation of India's new anthem Jeetega India, a non-profit organization established by Jindal Steels Naveen Jindal to raise the National Flag.The large audience who attended the performance also groomed to the Vibration dance group's breathtaking dance performance.In a statement, Naveen Jindal, chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Limited, who is also the founder of the Flag Foundation of India, praised the government's efforts to launch a campaign aimed at bringing people closer to the national flag Tiranga.

The display of the national flag is a small act of patriotism.It is equally important to draw inspiration from the flag and live by its ideals.I am extremely proud of the government for pursuing this noble cause and adding to it the necessary changes to India's Flag Code, easing the process of displaying the national flag and clearing up obstacles.Jindal said that I am encouraging everyone to adopt Har Ghar Tiranga-Har Tiranga as our motto so that the national flag can be displayed throughout the year.

When the Supreme Court of India delivered the historic verdict on January 23, 2004, Naveen Jindal and Shallu Jindal established the Flag Foundation of India, a nonprofit organization that has organized various Tiranga runs in Delhi and Haryana, to promote the national flag's usage by more Indians, with a great deal of enthusiasm.One of the attendees, Karan, said, We will raise the flag every year like this.It was a memorable event.Deepak, another national capital resident, said it was a great opportunity to instill the spirit of nationalism.

We're being very patriotic.I am feeling very well.People are enjoying it, and the musicians are fantastic.The room is fantastic, I love it.

The vibe is fantastic.These songs carry feelings of patriotism.Today, we are able to enjoy and sing thanks to the sacrifice of the freedom fighters, according to Renu, a city resident.