HC: Don't abuse the legal system for family disputes

Petition was rejected by a division bench headed by justice B Veerappa . Petition was filed by a man who was attacked with a beer bottle .

Bengaluru: A habeas corpus petition was rejected by the court, warning the petitioner not to repeat the tradition of using court for family disputes.DK Raju, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaga, and Gunda came to his shop around 5.30pm on April 27, 2022, and assaulted him in filthy terms, attacking him with a beer bottle.He ducked and took the bottle off his shoulder, chest, and head, causing serious injury to him.He said the attackers also warned him that they would come to his house and kidnap his wife within a week.

On the other hand, cops alerted the court that Shwetha had left her marital home because of Gowdas irresponsible behavior toward his family and frequent quarrels.When she found out that he had filed a lawsuit, she gave her testimony at the police station.The wife returned to her husband's house after returning to his house, according to the court.This is just a family issue, and the petitioner is attempting to misuse the court system, according to us.

The petition was rejected by a division bench headed by justice B Veerappa, who warned the petitioner not to repeat such events in the future.