Heart procedures are postponed as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war's impact on medical supply.

The oxygenator is a vital component of the heart-lung device, used in heart surgery . It acts as the lung and is used to draw oxygen into the bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide .

Nagpur: Shraddha Tiwari, six years old, has been admitted to the Cardiology Department of the Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) in Nagpur for the past two weeks and is scheduled for heart surgery.Doctors are able to perform the surgery, and her parents are eagerly awaiting the same.However, a shortage of oxygenators, a one-time use important device, is the limiting factor.The oxygenator is a vital component of the heart-lung device, which is used in heart surgery.

Doctors said the demand for this disposable device has increased dramatically, particularly after the Russian-Ukraine war.The shortage is not limited to government hospitals or clinics in Nagpur, but doctors around the region are finding it impossible to get this device.Doctors from private hospitals in Nagpur who perform childrens surgeries said that about 50 such surgeries used to happen in Nagpur earlier this year.Since then, this number has significantly decreased.

According to paediatric-cardiac surgeon Dr Sandeep Khanzode, elective surgeries are being postponed because we must keep oxygenators in reserve for emergency procedures.Hundreds of children are on the waiting list for heart surgery in Vidarbha, and the already long waiting list is getting longer as a result of this problem, according to him.Because the war zone between Russia and Ukraine exists, cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon Dr Sachin Kuthe said that many surgical supplies are not readily available.For items like oxygenators, we are dependent on imported products.

He said that it takes a long time for private hospitals to install oxygenators.The device is also commonly required in adults, according to cardiac surgeons, who are also in a crisis.According to cardiologist Dr Amar Amale, all valve surgeries require oxygenators.Surgical bypass surgeries are now available on beating hearts, where this device is no longer required.