Heavy rain-related holidays cause many schools to go online.

Ernakulam district schools in Kochi were declared a holiday for schools over the last four days . Many CBSE schools held classes thanks to online learning .

Kochi: Although the district administration declared a holiday for schools in Ernakulam over the last four days, many of the city's CBSE schools held classes thanks to online learning.Although some schools taught their usual classes on web sites, other schools provided worksheets to keep students motivated.Most of the schools were unable to offer online classes due to the holidays.Nevertheless, a few schools decided to hold the classes online and alerted parents and students.Online classes, according to teachers, helped to avoid the reduction of academic days and cover the sections as per the syllabus.For Classes I to XII, the Gregorian Public School, Maradu, conducted five periods instead of the usual eight.

Teachers said online classes had a high success rate.For the first week in a row, we were on hybrid mode, as many kids were sick.It was also much more economical to go online.Online classes are generally offered by students, although they could be a temporary measure if we have unscheduled holidays due to natural disasters or hartals, said school principal Jayaprabha Pradeep.

As their exams come to an end, the Choice School, Tripunithura, taught classes for Plus Two.Despite the fact that Toc H Public School, Vyttila, did not offer online instruction for the first three days, they did provide online worksheets to students.However, they offered online lessons for Classes VI to XII on Friday, starting from 8.30am to 3pm, as per the usual schedule.