High-level talks between Japan and China officials last seven hours.

Takeo Akiba travelled to Tianjin, southeast of Beijing, to meet Yang Jiechi . The two discussed international and regional issues of common concern .

According to a Japanese government official, Japan's national security advisor met with China's top diplomat for seven hours of talks on topics including Taiwan and the war in Ukraine.Takeo Akiba travelled to Tianjin, southeast of Beijing, on Wednesday afternoon to meet Yang Jiechi, according to the official.The two met weeks before the countries commemorated the 50th anniversary of their normalized relations on September 29, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua.Relations between Asia's two major economies are tense, and they have been beset by issues ranging from wartime history to territorial disputes for a long time.

But the high-ranking men used the occasion to address a variety of geopolitical issues during the meeting, which included dinner.According to a spokesperson from the National Security Secretariat, Akiba expressed Japans position on Taiwan to Yang and stressed the importance of stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait.Their meeting took place a fortnight after the Chinese government met in Taiwan to conduct its largest-ever military drills around the self-ruled island, which it calls its own territory, which provoked a outraged reaction.According to the official, Japan's defense advisor echoed Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in condemning and protesting Beijings latest display of military might.

Yang also urged Tokyo to develop a positive image of China and work with Beijing to improve bilateral ties to be more mature, stable, healthy, and stronger, while simultaneously avoiding external interference.The Japanese official who did not disclose his identity said the two discussed Russias invasion of Ukraine and North Korea, with Akia voiced concern about Pyongyangs missile and nuclear weapons development plans.According to Xinhua, the two discussed international and regional issues of common concern, but did not detail them.According to Akiba and Yang, the two men spoke about a persistent controversy over disputed islets in the East China Sea, which are referred to as the Senkaku by Tokyo and the Diaoyu by Beijing.

According to Akiba, Japans position on the islets as well as China's increasing maritime assertiveness reaffirmed.