Hong Kong abolishes the required quarantine for foreign travellers under the new 0+3 rule.

Hong Kong has been isolated from mainland China for two years . Mandatory hotel quarantine for foreign arrivals to be abolished .

Hong Kong announced on Friday that it would end mandatory hotel quarantine, eliminating some of the world's hardest travel laws, which weakened the economy and left the finance hub internationally isolated for almost two years.This action has given residents and businesses a lift amid the tight travel curvature.Hong Kong has followed a modified zero-Covid approach to China for the past two and a half years.China will be the only country still subjected to a three-day hotel quarantine for foreign arrivals, according to Chief Executive John Lee, who confirmed the change.Under this scheme, the quarantine hotel system will be abolished on September 26, according to Lee.Tourists who fail PCR tests will be required to board planes and walk around the area for the first three days.

Authorities also announced that they were lifting quotas on arrivals from mainland China, but that those moving in the opposite direction must still quarantine under Beijing's strict zero-Covid legislation.