Horses and elephants pass the cannon test with flying colours.

The elephants were brought closer to the guns during the last leg of the rehearsal . The elephants displayed great poise during the rehearsal .

Mysuru: On Friday, the foresters were relieved by the sight of the Dasara jumbos remaining unfazed and calm at the final rehearsal for the Jamboo Savari cannon firing ceremony, which is part of the Jamboo Savari.The sonic meters were spinning to 92 decibels when the cannons were fired at the rehearsal.All 13 elephants participated in the rehearsal under the able leadership of howdah elephant Abhimanyu, showing no signs of anxiety or terror at the sight of the bells or the flash of fire when they were engaged.The foresters and observers were so moved by the fact that no one of the elephants was ever tied to a tether or chained one.

During the Vijayadashami procession, 21 bullets were fired from the cannons, while the National Anthem was played alongside.Police personnel acclimatized the 34 horses, many of which will be part of the procession on Friday's final Naada Habba.The elephants displayed great poise during the rehearsal, according to Deputy conservator of forests V Karikalan.Despite being close to the cannons, we are chuffed that the elephants displayed no nerves, according to Karikalan.