Hotels reserved in Gaya for Pitripaksha

Pitripaksha Mela begins on September 9 and ends on September 25 . Hotel rooms in Gaya town have been booked in advance or hoteliers are no longer accepting reservations .

Gaya: In light of the expected rush during the fortnight-long Pitripaksha Mela this year, hotels in Gaya town have either been booked in advance or hoteliers are no longer accepting reservations because rooms have been reserved for regular customers from corporate sectors.This year, Pitripaksha Mela, which takes place after a two-year hiatus, will begin on September 9 and end on September 25.Due to Covid19 limitations, the Mela was not developed in 2020 and 2021.According to the owner of a hotel in Gaya town in the New Godown area, Nandkishore Gupta, the hotel, which has ten rooms, has been booked for the Pitripaksha period.

We also halted online reservation.If a pilgrim approaches for a room, the reservation will be confirmed in the event of availability.According to general secretary of the Bodh Gaya Hotel Association, rooms in Bodh Gaya hotels are also available for the Pitripaksh.Many pilgrims who come to Gaya to perform pinddaan prefer to remain in Bodh Gaya.

Every year, 51 places were chosen to provide refuge in Gaya to pilgrims performing the pinddaan rituals.However, in anticipation of the anticipated rush, DM Thiyagarajan SM has attempted to find 100 places to provide accommodation this year.Accommodation arrangements are made in government school buildings.Along with this, pilgrims are taken to guest houses, dharamshalas, private houses, and the Gayawal Pandas' houses, which are licensed by the district administration.