Hyderabad: K John Manoj, a competitor of Mohammed Azharuddin, launches attack following failure

HCA vice president K John Manoj slams out at Azhar . Manoj said Azhar was not following the Supreme Courts orders issued on August 22 this year .

HYDERABAD: The ticket fiasco was blamed on HCA vice president K John Manoj and secretary R Vijayanand.Manoj said the HCA president was not following the Supreme Court's orders issued on August 22 this year, slamming out at Azhar.The order on the apex council's reopening was, he said, very clear.The order is ambiguous.

We have been suspended, according to Azhar, and we should seek orders from the court.However, the suspension is only valid for six months.Where is the need for a cancellation order, according to John?Since the other members of the HCA have been muscled out, it has become a one-man show.

Manoj said he has beens flouting all laws and that the apex council's term is due to expire this month.Vijayanand had been sent a note by three members of the apex council, Manoj, Surender Agarwal, and Naresh Sharma, asking him to call an apex council meeting at the earliest.On September 19, the secretary was allowed to schedule a meeting.Manoj said he was also busy and unable to conduct the meeting.

These decisions will be approved by the supervisory commission.Since a lot of decisions must be taken, it is imperative that we hold an AGM as soon as possible.We need to appoint others, he said.Azhar was also expected to call the AGM at the earliest and try to resolve issues, according to the HCA vice president.

He said that it is against the rules.