Hyderabad: T20 tickets are eight times more expensive on Twitter

Online scalpers are selling tickets for an even 8x price on the T20I . Tickets to the India-Australia T20I were sold out in the blink of an eye on Thursday .

In the midst of the melee at the Gymkhana grounds on Thursday, the tickets to the India-Australia T20 International (T20I) were sold out in the blink of an eye.Soon after, the spotlight was on social media: the same tickets are being scalped for twice, or even ten times their original price!And there are buyers, no surprises here.All ticket categories are covered by the online black market, from the cheapest to the more expensive Rs 7,500.

When contacting such individual sellers, they promised to deliver the tickets at a high price, but at inflated rates.One of the sellers who were contacted on Twitter provided the ticket for the south east first floor stand, which was one of the more expensive seats at Rs 7,500 for Rs 13,00.Similarly, another retails a north pavilion east ground floor ticket (Rs 7,500) for twice the price of Rs 15,000.The profit margin for the budget ticket was even higher, with more demand and less stocks.

Buyers aplenty for an even 8x price Scalpers are slinging their tickets on Twitter, which most of them bought when they were first offered on the Paytm Insider website.This was apparent since most of these black marketeers were urging buyers to retrieve their ticket at Gymkhana later in the night because it would only be handed over to the individual whose name the ticket was purchased.