Hyderabadi student uses technology to protect the environment

Anusha Agarwal, 11, created a website called Carbon Neutral Warrior to help save trees in her district . She is also leading a campaign to protect the states green belt by compel students to reuse textbooks .

Hyderabad (Telangana) (India), June 23: An eleventh-grade student in Hyderabad is using technology to save trees in her district.The student is also leading a campaign to protect the state's green belt by compel students to reuse textbooks.The Hyderabad resident and class 11 girl of a local school started an initiative about six months ago to improve the city's green belt by undertaking plantation drives near residential areas, and for this, she created a website called Carbon Neutral Warrior, which links people who buy textbooks with those who donate them.I launched a campaign called carbon-neutral warriors, according to Anusha Agarwal, a student at the University of Wisconsin.

Anusha said that she has launched a textbook reuse campaign, adding that readers do not have to buy the textbooks, and that the website will help students.She said that more trees will be preserved.As our future comes to an end, we must save the planet.She said that it is our job to take small steps, which will make a big difference collectively.

She was expecting to be supported by us at first.She had a wish to plant saplings, but she didn't know where to buy it.GHMC supplies free saplings for plantation drives, according to our analysis.We got them and started a plantation.

The website is connected to 12 schools as of the date.We want to encourage all schools to come forward and use the website.As a site user, Shweta told me, I feel great when children her age can do miracles.Anusha took up the website and it was a wonderful idea.

When I registered, I quickly received a response.A few people responded immediately to my question.She said she obtained the books for 10th grade from the internet.