Hyena with Indian stripes rescued as a cub and nurtured in captivity before being released into the wild

Indian striped hyena reintroduced to its natural habitat in Satara forest areas . The Indian striped hyena was a near-endangered species .

Pune: Experts from the RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune, and the Satara forest department collared and reintroduced a female Indian striped hyena, a near-endangered species, into its natural habitat in the Satara forest areas a year earlier.The cub was moved to RESQ Wildlife TTC in Bavdhan after attempts to reunite her with her mother failed, according to Harshad Nagare, one of her To have a chance of survival in a natural habitat, the hyena was moved through enclosures of various sizes to encourage her wild instincts of den-making, digging, territory marking, and hiding food.She was exposed to a variety of feed and water qualities, was sickened by scarcities, and weathered different climate conditions.Satara was able to grow from a 400gm cub to a 20kg mature, active, alert, and wild adult ready to be released thanks to a GPS collar provided by Jos Vicente Lpez-Bao, CSIC senior research scientist from Biodiversity Research Institute (IMIB) in Spain.

Wild orphans would either fail to recover or be reintroduced to rescue centers or zoos previously, so it's good that we've now considered reintroducing them back to the wild, says Tuhin Satarkar, field director of RESQ.Our teams stayed in the area for ten days after the release, tracking her movements with thermal drones, camera traps, and walking.