I can become my own psychologist if I follow the correct training: Phogat, Vinesh

Vinesh Phogat won gold at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on Saturday . The 27-year-old had to go back to the drawing board after a turbulent last 12 months .

BIRMINGHAM, Massachusetts (British Columbia): After a turbulent last 12 months, Vinesh Phogat found herself at the bottom of the scale.A premature departure from the Tokyo Olympics, where she was the top seed, as well as injury problems and run-ins with the wrestling federation pushed her into the abyss.The old training schemes used by the 27-year-olds were not delivering results.She had to go back to the drawing board.

Since easing to a 53kg gold at the Commonwealth Games here on Saturday, she said that if my conditioning is going well, I am doing fine mentally as well.Only I can imagine what I've done to win this trophy.Given all I've gone through in the last 12 months, it feels a lot more special, says Vinesh, who is now a three-time CWG gold medalist.Vinesh, who had to really dig deep to crack the CWG team to make it, was finding it difficult to find sparring partners in her class.

She didn't have the necessary training earlier, but she now has.On Vineshs remarkable comeback, national coach Jitender Yadav said, That is the difference.As the Tokyo Olympics approached the star wrestler, she got emotional as she spoke about her own struggles.I had lost my confidence, and now I feel I have found it.

Only I can imagine how much pain I've endured to be here.I had hit rock bottom mentally, and I was unable to comprehend what was going wrong with me.She isn't very particular about her diet, but her family made sure she was fed properly.I can be mentally strong only when my training is going well.

Since Tokyo, the atmosphere around me has changed a lot (including myself).As I am training (in Lucknow), my husband has begun to accompany me.They (me) impose a lot on my diet and make sure I'm getting enough milk and almonds in my diet.I also started training with the boys, but she said I didnt do it a lot earlier.

I used to take a lot of notes, but they were torn apart after that time.I was like likhne aur mitaane se kuch nahi hona (there is no point in writing down thoughts and then deleting them).It is all about the almighty's will and your knowledge.Since talking to a psychologist for 6-7 years, I've kept it short.