I had a bad time at Chelsea and have no nice recollections of it. Villas-Boas, André

Andre Villas-Boas is currently on a three-day trip to the Taj Mahal . Portuguese coach has had a roller-coaster career with Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Olympique Marseille .

Andre Villas-Boas spoke exclusively about his roller-coaster journey.Andre Villas-Boas no longer flinching at the constant frown when manning the technical area at the Stamford Bridge or White Hart Lane, but now has a relaxed and happy smile.When only 33 years old, the Portuguese coach, who was once considered the brightest young star, claimed the Europa League with FC Porto.At Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, he was patched and peeled, and he had a good time at Zenit St Petersburg.

Villas-Boas talks about the sport he loves here on a three-day trip to the Taj Mahal, where he has conducted football sessions with underprivileged children and made a visit to the stadium.Excerpts...You started taking coaching classes when you were 19 years old.Is it too early What inspired you to pursue this career?Yes, my route was rather strange, different from the norm.After finishing high school, I went straight into coaching badges.

And then I grew up in FC Porto's youth ranks.And so I was coaching at all ages until I reached the senior team.So meeting Bobby Robson was the catalystYeah.Since I was going into journalism, I took the plunge.

So I decided to focus on journalism.When I was about to make the move, I met Sir Bobby, and then it happened.What are your best moments of your coaching career so far?My best reward was coaching my own squad (FC Porto).

I have 44 years of membership in Porto.I have coached Porto on all ages, including the senior.I've been a scout for them.For me, that period was really, really special.

It's an emotion that cannot be explained.Next up, we will fly to England.How was your stay in England?To be fair, England wasn't so bad.

Chelsea was a disappointment because of its unevenness in terms of results.We were always up and down, as we were.We never had the confidence to achieve what we call the win-win formula.We started very well.

The teams' feelings were skewed by the situation.We were also incongruent from then on.Chelsea wasnt an enjoyable trip.To be fair, I don't have any fond memories.

Certain things are non-negotiable for me, as shown by the example of the spruce.That made me take up positions against the club.Both at Spurs and Marseilles.A colleague of mine could certainly have continued, but I couldn't.

And I was utterly happy in Russia.We won all the trophies there.We had also a great time in the Champions League.China was also amusing, and the time I spent in Marseilles was unceasingly full.

We went to Paris Saint-Germain the year before, and we took a more open approach to the game, and we lost 4-0.When we met again, we played the game a little more defensively and we won 1-0.I was so sad to leave Marseille.Tell us about your relationship with Laureus Sports.

This is my first time visiting India.Though it is a short visit, the time spent with the kids as part of the Slum Soccer project is extremely rewarding mentally.It's not easy to confront this reality at times.But this is also instructive in its own right.

I understand that this stage will not improve their lives immediately and economically for sure.But it would open their hearts to hopes.In Europe, does the difference between a working-class club and an elite club still exist?The clubs are being traded, and new owners offer new ideas.

Football is now a game of chaos.Where there is stability, you will expect more results, such as in Manchester City, Liverpool, Ajax, and Porto.Chelsea is an exception.The most common misconception about Pep Guardiola is that he is a dictator.

To execute a strategy, you also need to know where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it.Guardiola has achieved this with great success in Spain, Germany, and England.The theory is based on attacking football and positional play.Guardiola has freed up time and space for the players with the ball.

Klopps' method, on the other hand, is much more reversible, relying on speed and counter-attack.What teams are you waiting for at the Qatar World Cup?This World Cup, which takes place in the middle of a European season, can be challenging in terms of players' freshness and quality.And it can be translated into high-intensity games.

Morocco and Senegal have the most mature generation ever, according to the study.It'll be interesting to see what happens.Argentina has now found stability in terms of the coach and the way in which they won the Copa America championships.They also have this newfound conviction, which could play a role in this.

And PortugalWe have a wonderful generation.We will be a bit worried.We might be in for a surprise if we strike the right balance.It's not something you should tackle every day, but it's not impossible.