IBA vote is crucial to the future of Olympic sports, warns USA Boxing

International Boxing Association (IBA) was frozen out by Olympic organisers . Umar Kremlev was elected to the presidency of the IBA in May .

On Sunday, the amateur boxing world body will decide whether or not to hold a new presidential election, a decision that opponents of Russian incumbent Umar Kremlev see as critical to the sports Olympic future.According to USA Boxing executive director Mike McAtee, the International Boxing Association (IBA), which has been frozen out by Olympic organisers, was faced with an existential question at the extraordinary congress in Armenia.After being declared ineligible two days before the election, Kremlev, who this month opened a boxing facility in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was elected in Istanbul in May.van der Vorst was wrongly prevented from stepping, according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

If yes, it will be Kremlev against van der Vorst.If we do not have an election, IBA would be over, according to McAtee, who told Reuters by telephone from Yerevan.CAS ruled that we were all wrongfully removed and Boris was wrongfully removed.I am convinced that if an election is not held, the IBA will be permanently suspended or simply eliminated by the IOC.

If you take a look at the IOC's letters, the IBA will be abolished if candidate Kremlev wins, he said.Without being in the Olympics, it will reduce funding for every national federation and impact boxing all the way down to eight-year-old boxers in every country in the world.That's how vital it is to our sport.The initial aim of 2028 is not boxing, and the International Olympic Committee is currently managing the Paris 2024 tournament.

Kit McConnell, the IOC's sports director, said this month that slow-moving reforms and the IBA's financial reliance on Russian energy giant Gazprom were of great concern.USA Boxing filed a whistleblower complaint on September 8 to oppose an IBA employee's perceived attempt to sway the Sunday vote in Kremlevs favor.The Boxing Independent Integrity Unit released Kremlev of all charges, according to the IBA.If Kremlev remained in office, McAtee said a court challenge would not be considered.