If Finland and Sweden elect to join NATO, they will be given a head start: Foreign Minister of Germany

If Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, NATO will accelerate membership applications, says German foreign minister . Turkey expressed reservations about Finlands or Swedes membership in NATO due to their hospitality towards Kurdish asylum seekers .

September 15, Berlin (Germany), (Sputnik): If Sweden and Finland want to join the alliance, NATO will accelerate their membership applications, according to German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.If their governments, their communities, and their societies accept NATO, we will be even more secure, not only in terms of defense, but also in terms of our values as democratic partners.Because of this, Germany has set everything in place to carry out a quick ratification process, and several countries yesterday evening stressed that it is also an important component that there will not be a transition period, a grey zone, but that if these two countries are deciding to join, they will do so quickly, Baerbock said at the doorstep of the informal meeting of NATO ministers of foreign affairs in Berlin on Thursday.If the Nordic states decide to join the alliance, the United States and Germany have already promised to assist them.